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This Saucy barkeep is the mistress of the fruit-bar located In the southern province where Sierra works. This Sassy lady and her wife, Olana, are the backbone of the most popular fruit bar in all of the southern province: The Glistening Pear. Viez’s street smarts allow her to flirt and earn many extra tips, as her eerily self-conscious tail preforms feats of daring, juggling drinks and fruit and knives around like a showman. Her tail is very immature as it tends to get into fights with people (not good for business.).

Viez’s relationship with Kassidy has turned sour over the years as they grew up together, Kassidy’s lack of involvement on the world makes Viez hurt and very bitter towards Kassidy, but she has a begrudging respect for her. However Olana was not too lenient on letting Sierra leave with the party of Kassidy for the sake of her safety, her life, and the business losing a crucial member.

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