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- Tessa -

This poor beauty wished to live a lifetime with her beloved husband, Elric. They both stained their skin with the ceremonial beetle ink that dyes their markings purple. This dye lasts for half a year and celebrates their union. She was on top of the world.

As they were about to finally tie the knot in few days, her husband was lost in a smuggling operation. Tessa was heartbroken and broken for many months as she found out the truth. He did this foolish and dangerous act so he could provide for his wife and potential children for years to come. Her heart remained heavy ever since, and she dyes her skin with the same beetle dye with the same patterns to commemorate his loss and remember him.

Sierra is her only known friend after she became a shut-in. She refuses to socialize with Kassidy and her free spirit and her blood ties to the quintraders. She is stern and adamant but she has pure intentions trying to make sure that no harm is done. Sierra went missing for some reason one day, and she had to investigate. When she did she found that Sierra was going on “adventures” with Kassidy: She panicked.

As a field medic, she sometimes follows along with Sierra and Kass, only to make sure her friend is not harmed by the likes of Kassidy.

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