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- Ledmi -

A devastating beauty from a strange and bizarre world where doppelgangers are a race of beings that absorbs host bodies to become complete. Every doppelganger is based upon an original host.  Except Ledmi. She was spawned into the world with no goal, no-one to absorb and become whole.

If a doppelganger is unable to find it’s host, it begins to mutate to be able to hunt down it’s prey with odd abilities. Ledmi’s ability is to gaze into someone’s eyes and command their mind to her will. As long as she makes eye contact with someone, she can control their minds.

She had met Medri and has felt a feeling of resentment of his purpose as the Guardian of Time. She instead helps other doppelgangers find their hosts, as Medri had advised to find her own purpose. She feels a feeling of satisfaction, but longs for her own joining. 

To this day she doesn’t know who her host is, and she still craves for her.

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