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- Shadow the Hedgehog - The Game -


(unfortunately…. that statement is true)

Ok, This Game is absolute shit. I will put this bluntly, this game is a putrid pile of shit that people have complained critiqued and bashed to death. 

I am here to say that I have a weak spot for this game. It is my real moment where I am a tasteless dumbass.  This game I actually played and liked years ago. I sold it along with most of my soinc games after Sonic 06 and Unleashed came out.  

This is one of my guiltiest pleasures, I enjoy playing this because of how absurd it is. I laugh, I just have that moment of “it’s so bad it is good” for me. I know others that think I did all the pot located in Arkansas. I just… honestly like playing the game. 

I even A-Ranked the game and unlocked Expert Mode…… Cuz… I have no life.

How did this game get made… Shadow’s fanbase must of been huge, it’s really impressive honestly… I mean, I don’t see BASS.EXE BATTLE NETWORK or…. Luigi’s …. oh yea….  But the fact is… I donno it’s just odd.

  1. draqua said: SA2B is the only 3d Sonic game for me…
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